All programs are small group workshops with 8 to 25 participants.  Most workshops run for 6 weeks unless noted otherwise.

Participants learn more about their conditions, make weekly Action Plans, share exepierences, and help each other solve problems they encounter navgating their conditions and their lives.


Chronic Disease Self Management

CDSMP is designed for adults living with a chronic condition such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, lung disease or any other chronic condition, as well as for their caregivers. 

The program was developed by Stanford University to help people gain confidence in their ability to manage their own health.  Topics include pain and fatigue management, communication, making informed treatment decisions, depression, problem solving and more.


Chronic Pain Self Management

CPSMP is similar to CDSMP but with a focus on pain management, alternatives to opioids, and gentle exercises


Diabetes Self Management

DSMP puts a particular focus on meal planning  and blood sugar control


Workplace Chronic Disease Self Management

wCDSMP is designed as a lunch and learn program that meets twice a week for 1 hour each often during an employee lunch 


Building Better Caregivers

BBC puts the focus on caregiver stressors and provides tools for dealing with behaviors and difficult emotions as well as providing resources for future planning and making health and care decisions


Aging Mastery Program

AMP is a 10 week program that includes guest speakers on a variety of topics relevant to adults as they are aging, including, diet, exercise, retirement and estate planning and more. 

AMP for Caregivers

Aging Mastery Program for Caregivers

Is the same as AMP but with extra sessions and the beginning and end focusing specifically on caregiver issues and self care.

A Matter of Balance

Managing Concerns About Falls

is a 8 session workshop that teaches about the risks of falling, overcoming the fear of falling and exercise.

Stepping On

is a 7 session workshop that meets weekly to learn stratigies for fall prevention, exercise and lifestyle changes that can help maintian independent living.

Healthy Hearts

Living with CHF

is a 4 week program that focuses on Congestive Heart Failure patients, topics include healthy eating, exercise and the importance of medication adhearance.

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