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The Kansas City Quality Improvement Consortium (KCQIC) brings patients, doctors, hospitals, employers, insurers and others together to collectively improve health care for all in the Kansas City bi-state area (Kansas and Missouri).
Since 2000, KCQIC has made use of a consensus decision-making model to formulate health quality improvements for the Kansas City, bi-state area (Kansas and Missouri). The non-profit community coalition was formed by the UAW-Ford Community Health Center in response to the growing emphasis on evidence-based medicine and the need to encourage best practices in health care in Kansas City.

A forum for collaboration that provides leadership and influence to encourage best practices in health care.


Kansas City area residents will have quality health care systems.


Promote quality health care through collaboration and by providing strategic leadership, education, information and tools.
Increase awareness, accountability and education regarding quality health care.
Promote best practices, improved quality, and cost effectiveness within the health care systems.
Ease the process of best practice based performance for all involved
Increase community engagement in advancing quality health care.
Develop effective broadly utilized clinical and lay guidelines that support quality health care.
Improve patient outcomes and health status.
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Kansas City Quality Improvement Consortium
KCQIC is a community based organization dedicated to the well being of all Kansas Citians by bringing educational programs, resources, and care to the community.
5119 Lowell Street, Overland Park, Kansas 66202     913-956-9323  info@kcqic.org